About Us

We are a team of tenured professionals experienced in revenue, margin, and operations analytics. We are passionate about helping growing companies operate more effectively and profitably. We do this by identifying opportunities in your existing business with our proprietary technology and advanced intelligence analytics platform.


Together we have over 50 years of professional experience in optimizing the top of the income statement for small to Fortune 500 companies. We have successfully delivered over 100 business systems across the lead to cash, finance, and operations business functions.

John Cady

Analytics Thought Leader and Profitability Expert | Co-Founder

John is a highly creative problem solver and analytics thought leader. He has led many companies through business and technology transformations over the past 25 years. He has a background in accounting and pricing optimization and enjoys solving complex problems to improve the top of the income statement. John is passionate about helping high-growth companies achieve an unprecedent level of efficiency and profitability and outperform their larger competitors with the use of analytics.

When he is not working you can usually find John on the slopes and trails of Steamboat. 

Andrew Brodie

Technology Thought Leader and Cloud Platform Expert | Co-Founder

As one of the principal founders at SSB, Andrew was responsible for working with customers and all of the members of the leadership team to execute the strategy, mission and company goals. Andrew is a pioneer in building platforms on the Microsoft Azure platform and has been a featured speaker at Global Microsoft conferences. Andrew is passionate about advancing business capabilities with leading-edge, platform-based solutions.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and an avid mountain biker and skier.

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